Managed by expert financial advisors and experienced professionals, Tanvi Enterprises offers comprehensive financial solution to meet the diverse needs of today’s requirements. Our expertise and experience has enabled us to provide effective, customer friendly solutions for smart investors in all budget segments. With the skilled and experienced professionals at the helm of affairs of each of the department, we have been able to provide supreme services in the field of finance.

Customer Services – Customer relationship management : 

Direct marketing is completely dependent on customer behaviour; hence customer relationship management plays a critical role in any direct marketing exercise. The answer to questions like who are the customers, how do they behave, how do they react, whether they are satisfied with a service, are they searching out for better service lie hidden within a proper customer relationship management process. This again is directly related to the success of a marketing campaign that involves a substantial part of a company’s budget. At Tanvi Enterprises we undertake strategic measures to understand your customer and get you informed about which tool will be most effective to convert them from a customer to your customer.

Our customer relationship management solution includes direct calling, customer support, tracking response of direct mail, send short messages, and at times create meaningful relation with the customer. With our expert talent pool, we at Tanvi, undertake a systematic CRM programme to better define and retain a customer. Moreover, we also take care of customer service to update any change in the customer profile so that you do not face any inaccurate data and stiff dead database. Our CRM process headed by contact manager offers you a single point of contact for fast and easy update of the process. Besides we deploy our customer management software to reduce error rate of our customer relationship process.

Be it just customer support or completely creating a new customer database we always look forward towards building complete customer loyalty.